Fold/Unfold - Kathryn Stevens

  • 19 February 2015

As an Artist I am primarily interested the construction of space, and our perception of it. I have, most recently, been exploring the possible tension between the ‘surface’ and the three dimensional object.

The folded construction of the dog house is what prompted the idea for my approach to this project.  A sheet of metal; the surface manipulated by folding, in order to produce a volume.

The ‘fold’ creates a space, in this case a space for a dog, but folding as a generative process, makes possible continuous variation and development. Folding and unfolding, expansion and contraction, what possibilities might there be if I were to continue folding this sheet of metal. It could be transferred to yet another form.  What would happen if it was then unfolded; a map of its generative process.

Working with the unfolded shape of the house in paper, using an asymmetrical V pleat (Kawasaki theorem), I generated a fold pattern that simply traverses the house. Unfolded it provides a map of possible planes; those planes filled and destabilised with colour, suggest a possible ‘other’ form. 

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