Thread 2015

@ Corner Gallery

Our perception of space is a process through which we become aware of our environment and our relative position in the world. We construct space, perhaps altering its function, and in this way contain it. Are we just attempting to understand it?

Construction and the structures that belong to it alter our perception. The latent space becomes active. Structures in our environment outline and ‘make visible’ the space within them, which we inhabit; the space, that always was, is somehow made more present, when framed by those structures. Thread relates in part to the activity (an architecture practice) that is housed in this location and explores folding unfolding, expansion and contraction. The idea of construction of space, as a kinetic activity, interests me. It is something I am hyper-aware of within my own urban environment, and something that I have been engaging with in my installation projects.

Folds create space, and folding, as a generative process, makes possible continuous variation and development. This folding grid, ‘thread’, in its latent state, lies flat – inert. But, when installed, it generates physical movement away from the wall, and reads as a three dimensional drawing. We read line, shadow, materiality and physical space.

The grid is inherently flexible and unstable as a structure, allowing that each installation of the drawing can only be unique; a transient form and image is generated in response to the installation space and dependent on tension, compression and light. The drawing becomes temporary, or ‘live,’ as the reading of space, and possibility of movement become actual.

The installation of Thread can be seen as an improvisation, a slow animated drawing or a continuous activation of the space, with no intention of arriving at a stable conclusion.

Acrylic flashe, builders line, aluminium tube, 1500 x 1800mm

The artist altered and evolved the installation during the course of the project.

12 March – 30 April 2015

Corner Window Gallery